Adding a Z-Axis DRO to the Mill/Drill
Below is the drawing for a custom quill bracket.  Click the drawing for a larger size.
Some of the mounting parts that need to be made.
Scale mounting blocks.
Rotary table for machining the bracket.
The bracket partially machined.
Bracket after milling.
The bracket mounts on the quill.  From there a drill rod extends up into the cavity behind the milling head cover.  The drill rod connects to the scale head through a narrow slot machined in the cover.
This shows the adapter block transitioning from the drill rod through the slot in the cover.
This shows the connection to the readhead without the cover in position.
This is what it looks like fully assembled.
The slot in the cover can be seen here.  It hides behind the DRO scale and is not seen from the front.
The quill bracket has a threaded hole to accept the Noga dial incicator holder.
This photo shows the X and Y encoder installation.  The Y axis encoder is on the back of the table and is protected with an L-bracket cover.  The X axis scale mounts on the left side of the base of the machine, and the enclder links to the middle table.